by Tongue Eating Louse

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released October 24, 2016


John Wood - Bass/Vocals
Beau Jodoin - Guitar/Vocals
Rob Kinsella - Guitar
Nick Smith - Drums
Mike Raymond - Some Noise

Recorded / Mixed / Mastered by Mike Raymond of Darkside Productions



all rights reserved


Tongue Eating Louse Ottawa, Ontario

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Track Name: L'appel du Vide
Vehemence; wind rends into motion, a slow unfurling distressful sensation, reverbating-towards this place, the jagged peaks, the taloned grounds, which embraces the earth at the cusp of plateau, an opaque haze, which lay, silently in wait, as we gazed, for new desparity had took bloom, beyond the cliff, below surface, the water gave way, desire took face, it was there, that, the call of the void, again spoke, "relinquish the coil, the forbearence of longevity, descend, descend, into the abyssal bellower, perpetual noir, eternal to the oath-devourer of the mortal flame, the descent becons your name, the grave emmision darkens all vision, as I lock eyes with the void below, a headlong flight to the deafening chasm-pitch black maw, the veil of remission, swallows all, and envelopes me, in darkness, in The absence of grace, this terrible death takes me, and invites us, twisted remnants, envoking while still echoing, these held me, as the keepers, inticed me-an oddessy-a beconning to wander entombed within the etheral realm, the tarnished pillgramige, the allure within abandoment, embraced me, and in time-it freed me, reborn, in twlight, syphoning to maintain my form in dark repine,
All denial leaves us, as I face the weight, of death,
Molten ire, torn freely-to cold disapation, these emotions return in passing, a slow transition of time and concious, my form fills further, into a shade, a volume of black, a leaving of acceptence and the embrace of the void,
This death no longer holds me, now; I beacon those who inticedme,
This darkening merge, of mortal flame in a basin of ash, there was a rafalisk; set to blooming admist my husk, entombed in solid shade,-as I desire to be saited, and become domain, for whole completion - to subdue the coil into the grave, I grip with all my might to tear free the bind, my voice rang alike the valley, fearsome as caine, my frame reared, shook and broke it's form, as I conciously atmit with the void, entangled in edenous noise, it swoons in volume and opulent discord,
I am, a voidful being;
I am, free in death,
In my abandoment,
In death and grace.
My root takes place.
Lappel du vide.
Lappel du vide
All the solace and peace,
Atonment in bliss, the void is a gift, the breach in purity yet thrives in tranquility,
Echo the names from your dwelling, shed the throat with your worldly talons,
The rise and fall, the rise and fall, of this coil and the blight, ceaseless slumber adorning no apex,

I am, a voidful being;
I am, free in death,
In my abandoment,
In death and grace.
My root takes place.
Lappel du vide.
Lappel du vide.

I am free. I am peace.