Tongue Eating Louse

by Tongue Eating Louse

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released January 7, 2016

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mike Raymond @ Darkside Productions, Gatineau Que.

Rob Kinsella - Guitar & Noise
Beau Jodoin - Guitar & Vocals
John Wood - Bass & Vocals
Nick Smith - Drums



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Tongue Eating Louse Ottawa, Ontario

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Track Name: Hope is only Skin Deep
Sown in kin, to our pacts of sorrow
Blessings came like weathered angels

Not something holy
Only vibrant in light

Beautiful when time-stricken
Beautiful when fearful

Of the reality, there is nothing when
Hope is only skin deep

Keep near, to your mouth
your sounds of poisin
Keep near, your trumpets
Trumpets in the sky

Your songs fell silent
And never an angel fell

Hope is only skin deep

The wanderlust never came back

Hope is only skin deep

Everyday is a conscious occasion
Mummered thoughts that trampled the garden

That trampled the garden

In all disbelief
Hope is only skin deep

Words, moments and dreams

Beautiful when time-stricken
Beautiful when fearful

When it takes me back
I know I can't ever see it
Mummered thoughts
That trampled the garden

Hope is only skin deep
In all disbelief
Hope is only skin deep
Track Name: Conduit
Pale mask contained viciously in ivory
The surge intertwined me, gripping the hide
'Till the steel was pulled free
And my eyes rained obsidian

While my bones contorted
Under possession
The vessel submits


Becomes grief, the lesser soul
Placed under warden

To domain
To void

And the night gaunts
Come to collect those of stable faith
Vehement Phantasma
A surging current

Ash! A scourge! Legion form!
Ash! A scourge! Legion form!

The voice was of noir life
The wails of grief escalade
A cadence
Fruition and the grave
Track Name: Beneath the Elms
Neck in neck, with my subordinate
Slowly devised through broken letters

The bane of this puzzle, never solved
Lost and forgotten
The bane of this puzzle

Hissing, discordance
While my body convulsed

Fictitious birds at the end of my eye
A slow haze of words most slurred
With the worms, with the worst

Charring flesh and
Ridged breathing. Surging flashes
And memories post vacant

I can feel it in my bones
Seven minuets and still the freshly taunt skin
withers in the flame
A mortal cleansing - A delicate blessing

Take my remains, to the nest of the swallows

Beneath the elms
Among the leaves

Scatter me.
Scatter me, 'til I'm gone

Among the leaves, 'till I'm gone
Beneath the elms, 'till I'm gone

Scatter me. Scatter my bones
Among the leaves 'till I'm gone
Scatter my bones. Among the leaves
'Till I'm gone

Time still scatter me down